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Beckers, Henny

MD, PhD, FEBOphth

Affiliation: University Eye Clinic MaastrichtP. Debyelaan 256229 HX MaastrichtP.O. Box 58006202 AZ MaastrichtThe NetherlandsT +31 43 387 53 42

Country: Netherlands

Areas of Interest: Main research topic is innovative glaucoma surgery. Research lines also include diagnosis and progression of glaucoma, adherence with medication, and cost-effectiveness studies.

Leadership Position: Glaucoma surgeon at the University Eye Clinic Maastricht, with an active role in Glaucoma management in The Netherlands. Secretary of the Netherlands Glaucoma Group.Chairmanships include regional, national and international Glaucoma symposia. Teaching activities include coordinating postgraduate training courses for ophthalmologists and optometrists on the subject of glaucoma.

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