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Flanagan, John

Dean and Professor. PhD, DSc, FCOptom, FAAO

Affiliation: Dean and Professor, School of Optometry and Vision Science Program University of California Berkeley Berkeley California 94728 USA

Country: United States

Areas of Interest: Basic mechanisms of human glaucoma, particularly glial cell activation; Neuroprotection; Ocular imaging; Clinical psychophysics; 24-hour IOP; Ocular blood flow and studies of vascular reactivity

Leadership Position: Dean, School of Optometry, UCB. Founding member of the Optometric Glaucoma Society, Program Chair 2002 to 2007, President 2007 to 2012, Executive Vice President 2012 to 2014. Chair, Clinical Research Ethics Committee, U. Waterloo, 2008 to 2014. Board of Directors, Glaucoma Research Foundation, 2017.

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