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Kook, Michael


Affiliation: Professor of Ophthalmology University of Ulsan, College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

Country: South Korea

Areas of Interest: Normal-tension glaucoma, Blood flow and ocular perfusion in Glaucoma, Ocular Imaging in glaucoma, Continuous IOP monitoring in glaucoma, Myopia and glaucoma, Pathophysiology of glaucoma, Pharmacotherapy in glaucoma, Wound healing in glaucoma,

Leadership Position: President of Korean Glaucoma Society, Executive director of Korean Glaucoma Society, Executive director of Korean-American Ophthalmology Association, Chief ophthalmology consultant for US Army Hospital in Seoul, Korea, Fellow of American Academy of Ophthalmology, Member of American Glaucoma Society, Association of research for Vision and Ophthalmology, Korean Glaucoma Society, Asia Pacific Ophthalmological Society, and Asia Pacific Glaucoma Society.

Confirmed Faculty