Faculty & Bios

Sabel, Bernhard

Prof. Dr

Affiliation: University of Magdeburg

Country: Germany

Areas of Interest: Brain plasticityRecovery of visionRehabilitationNeuropsychology

Leadership Position: • Visiting neuroscientist, Mass. General Hospital, Harvard Medical School 1991; • Professor of Med. Psychology, University of Magdeburg, Germany, 1992-now • Research Fellow, Dept Psychology, Princeton University, 1998-1999• Senior Visiting Professor, Inst. Automation, Chinese Acad. Sciences, 2011-2012• Visiting Professor, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Med. Univ., 2012-2016• Editor-in-Chief “RESTORATIVE NEUROLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE”• Executive Brd Member; Intern Soc Low Vision Rehab & Research• Governor; International Brain Injury Association (IBIA)

Confirmed Faculty