Industry Symposiums

Wednesday 1.00-2.00 pmHall 3e

SANTEN - Glaucoma: the patient's view

Chair(s): Hannu Uusitalo (Finland); Tetsuya Yamamoto (Japan);

Thursday 7.30-8.30 amRoom 207

DIOPSYS INC. - Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management using Modern ERG and MIGS

Chair(s): Mark Latina (United States);

  • 7.30-8.00
    Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management using Modern ERG
    Mark Latina (United States)
  • 8.00-8.30
    Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management using Modern MIGS
    Steve Vold (United States)

Thursday 7.30-8.30 amRoom 208

ALCON - Clinical case series: Innovation in MIGS via the Supraciliary Space

Chair(s): Keith Barton (United Kingdom);

Thursday 7.30-8.30 amRoom 203a+b

GLAUKOS - MIGS - Start Here: Treatment Algorithms and Beyond

Chair(s): Richard Lewis (United States);

  • 7.35-7.44
    Integrating iStent™ In To Your Practice, Recent Experiences
    Mario-Alexander Economou (Sweden)
  • 7.48-7.57
    Clinical Experience Utilising The iStent™ inject in Combined Procedures
    Esther Hoffmann (Germany)
  • 8.01-8.10
    iStent ™ For Challenging Cases
    Imran Masood (United Kingdom)
  • 8.14-8.23
    Intelligent Placement Of iStent™
    Ike Ahmed (Canada)

Thursday 12.15-1.15 pmHall 1

NOVARTIS - Current considerations in the management of glaucoma

Chair(s): Keith Martin (United Kingdom);

Thursday 6.00-7.00 pmRoom 207

CARL ZEISS MEDITEC - SITA Faster and Central Testing

Chair(s): Mike Patella (United States);

Thursday 6.00-7.00 pmRoom 203a+b

PFIZER - Panel of global experts discuss updates in glaucoma

Chair(s): Ivan Goldberg (Australia);

Friday 7.30-8.30 amRoom 207

EYE TECH CARE - Focused Ultrasound for Glaucoma : comparing clinical results and perspectives for patients in Western and Asian countries

Chair(s): Keith Barton (United Kingdom);

  • 7.30-7.40
    High-intensity Focused Ultrasound : mechanisms of actions
    Florent Aptel (France)
  • 7.40-7.50
    Clinical experience on refractory and non-refractory open-angle glaucoma patients
    Ingeborg Stalmans (Belgium)
  • 7.50-8.00
    Clinical experience of focused ultrasound in the Indian population
    Ronnie George (India)
  • 8.00-8.10
    Treatment outcomes on angle-closure glaucoma in Chinese patients
    Xinghuai Sun (China)

Friday 7.30-8.30 amRoom 208

OPTOVUE - Changing the Glaucoma Paradigm: Detection and Management with OCT & OCTA

Chair(s): David Huang (United States);

Friday 12.15-1.15 pmHall 1

ALLERGAN eyecare symposium

Chair(s): Keith Martin (United Kingdom); Jonathan Crowston (Australia);

Friday 6.00-7.00 pmRoom 208

AERIE PHARMACEUTICALS - The Innovation of ROCK Inhibition: Netarsudil and Netarsudil/Latanoprost Fixed Dose Combination (FDC)

Chair(s): Ingeborg Stalmans (Belgium);