Rapid Fire Sessions

Thursday 1.15-2.00 pmOpen space Exhibit Hall

Rapid Fire Session 1

Chair(s): Francesca Cordeiro (United Kingdom); Ingrida Januleviciene (Lithuania);

  • 1.15-1.19
    Structural analysis of blebs filtration in long-term, functioning trabeculectomies vs eyes with XEN® implant using swept source OCT
    Javier Paz (Spain)
  • 1.19-1.24
    A novel wet-lab teaching model for trabeculectomy surgery
    Alastair Porteous (United Kingdom)
  • 1.24-1.28
    Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT), A "MIGS" procedure using no implants, lowers intraocular pressure over 8 years, both ELT alone & + phaco
    Michael Berlin (United States)
  • 1.28-1.32
    The Sydney multicentre hydrus study: MiGS in the real world
    Ashish Agar (Australia)
  • 1.32-1.36
    Treatment outcomes in the primary tube versus trabeculectomy (PTVT) study after one year of follow-up
    Sheng Lim (United Kingdom)
  • 1.36-1.40
    Results from the CyCLE study for supraciliary micro-stent implantation combined with cataract surgery for open-angle glaucoma
    Ginger Clasby (United States)
  • 1.40-1.44
    The reporting of diagnostic accuracy research in glaucoma: a study using STARD 2015
    Manuele Michelessi (Italy)
  • 1.44-1.48
    Coronal section analyses of posterior scleral contour using swept-source OCT in human myopic patients
    Yong Chan Kim (South Korea)
  • 1.48-1.52
    Lamina cribrosa depth change during valsalva maneuver in young healthy eyes
    Yong Woo Kim (South Korea)
  • 1.52-1.56
    Postoperative complications in the primary tube versus trabeculectomy (PTVT) study during the first year of follow-up
    Keith Barton (United Kingdom)
  • 1.56-2.00
    Prospective analysis of the incidence of and risk factors for the development of glaucoma in children following surgery for congenital cataract.
    Shantha Balekudaru (India)

Friday 1.15-2.00 pmOpen space Exhibit Hall

Rapid Fire Session 2

Chair(s): Henny Beckers (Netherlands); Miriam Kolko (Denmark);

  • 1.15-1.19
    Development of virtual reality environments for evaluation of visual disability
    Alexander Lam (Hong Kong)
  • 1.19-1.24
    Comprehensive genomic/transcriptomic architecture of glaucoma in CYP1B1 and MYOC knockouts of primary rat TM and RGCs using CRISPR/Cas9 system
    Muneeb Faiq (India)
  • 1.24-1.28
    Corneal dynamic properties under air puff excitation
    Match Wai Lun Ko (Hong Kong)
  • 1.28-1.32
    Association between glaucomatous visual field loss and morphological changes of the optic nerve head following acute intraocular pressure elevations
    Tin Aung Tun (Singapore)
  • 1.32-1.36
    Comparison of the new low cost non valved glaucoma drainage device with Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV) in refractory pediatric glaucoma
    Sriramani Gollakota (India)
  • 1.36-1.40
    Abic – A new Migs
    Norbert Koerber (Germany)
  • 1.40-1.44
    eyeWatch, an innovative adjustable GDD for the treatment of glaucoma: report on the first clinical results
    Andre Mermoud (Switzerland)
  • 1.44-1.48
    Safety and efficacy of a low cost glaucoma drainage device for refractory childhood glaucoma
    Sushmita Kaushik (India)
  • 1.48-1.52
    A new surgical technique of intra-scleral tube fixation in Ahmed glaucoma valve to prevent tube related complications: `scleral sleeve method`
    Charudutt Kalamkar (India)
  • 1.52-1.56
    Evaluation of the XEN gel stent efficacy in open-angle glaucoma treatment – preliminary results
    Ewa Walek (Poland)