I didn’t receive the e-mail with the password reset link

The e-mail should arrive within a moment, if it’s not there, please try one of the following:

I have received a message that my key is not valid.

Your key may have expired, please try again

How can I change my password

change password
Click on the account link on your profile page to open the side panel and change your password

I received two profile activation invitations

Please accept our apologies for this, we did are best to clean our database from duplicates, but sometimes it’s hard to decide whether a profile is indeed a duplicate. Kindy help us out to optimize our system by:

  • Sending us an e-mail (hello@wga.one) with the e-mail address associated to the account to delete
  • Set your profile to inactive (after activating it)

I don’t want to be part of WGA#One

We are very sorry to hear. Should you change your mind, you can always reactivate your profile. To deactivate it kindly:

  • Set your profile to ‘Deactivated‘ (after activating it)
  • Send us an e-mail (hello@wga.one) with the e-mail address associated to the account to delete


I’d like to receive IGR

IGR will be distributed to members of our member Glaucoma Societies. These will be administrated through WGA#ONE. You may indicate that you are a member of a society through the relationships tab. This is under construction

How to upload a profile image

Start with creating a profile picture of 150 x 150px
Then, either click on your profile image (placeholder) or files tab to open the side panel to upload your photo
Profile image
Then upload, check the ‘make this my profile image’ box and save
profile picture

How to subscribe to our emailing list

You can subscribe to our emailing list on your profile page by clicking on the enveloppe next to your e-mail address.

Where do I find your terms and conditions and your privacy policy?

Where can I see my society membership(s) (under construction)

You can find your society membership(s) on your profile page.society

How can I contact the World Glaucoma Association?

You can send us an e-mail at info@worldglaucoma.org
You can find us on Facebook under @worldglaucoma.
You can find us on Twitter under @WorldGlaucoma.
You can find all the contact information and a contact form on our contact page.