Fundamental Questions in Glaucoma

The WGA Education Committee will launch a short series of lectures on the Fundamental Questions in Glaucoma. 5 minute video lectures will be created in which we will address:

  • Frequently asked clinical questions related to glaucoma
  • Questions related to surgical procedures – those questions will be answered by means of a demonstration

We kindly ask you for your input on identifying a suitable speaker for each video lecture.

In the below form you find the titles that were determined for the first 50 lectures. For each single video title, you will be able to suggest a speaker you deem suitable and you will be asked why. Note that you are not obliged to suggest a speaker for every single lecture.

As for the speakers, we wish to have a good balance of geographical areas and gender. We ask you to keep this in mind when submitting your suggestions.

Thank you very much in advance for your input.