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There is no need to enter your information if you currently receive our GEM e-mail preceding each print issue of IGR!

Dear member,

The World Glaucoma Association is affiliated 83 glaucoma societies worldwide. As a result, the WGA is able to offer you, a number of their services. By clicking here you will be able to download the WGA flyer, describing all details.

International Glaucoma Review is the journal of the WGA, published 4 times a year and is offered free of charge to all individual members of the affiliated societies. For various reasons, IGR as of Volume 16, will be published online only and will consequently be circulated via email and no longer in hard copy.

If you are interested to continue receiving IGR, we kindly ask you to complete the form below. As of October later this year, WGA will stop circulating the printed edition of IGR worldwide, so registration by email is necessary to continue your IGR subscription!

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