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The World Glaucoma Association wishes to define the essential nature of a glaucoma society, i.e. of the organizations that constitute it. In this way, the WGA will set a standard for admission to its ranks and provide guidance to nascent societies from established ones as to the attributes that will enable them to succeed. Since newly-formed societies may not possess the resources to incorporate all of the attributes presented below, implementation may need to proceed in a step-wise fashion. Consequently, criteria are presented relevant to the three stages of development from nascent, to developing, to mature. It is hoped that new societies will include in their make-up the greatest number of the criteria set forth that resources permit.
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Required for WGA Member Glaucoma Society

Bylaws that delineate:

  • Mission statement and goals
  • Governance and responsibility for society functions:
    • Method of selection of officers and Board of Directors
    • Terms of office and filling of vacancies
    • Quorum requirements
  • Membership criteria
  • Financial management
  • Scientific and/or business meeting every 12 months
  • Membership criteria: special interest in glaucoma
  • Adherence to:
    • WGA Code of Practice
    • WGA Guidelines for Reporting and Publishing
    • WGA Guidelines for Conduct of Meetings

Desirable for WGA Member Glaucoma Society

  • Officers and board members elected
  • Membership criteria: special training in glaucoma
  • Directing profits from official meetings to the society
  • Electronic means of communication: list serve >e-mail

Optional for WGA Member Glaucoma Society

  • Annual printed reports from Board and appointed committees
  • Periodic strategic planning
  • Society journal
  • Membership criteria includes publication of peer-reviewed articles
  • Attendance requirement for meetings
  • Indemnification of Officers and Board of Directors


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