Patient Education Website

Looking for a trusted website with insights on glaucoma such as who is at risk, what are the symptoms and how glaucoma can be treated? The latest addition to the WGA knowledge platform is

For the general public, patients and their relatives

A website developed by the Education Committee of the WGA for the general public, patients and their relatives, with un-biased information about glaucoma, using easy accessible language in a user-friendly platform.

Website visitors will learn what are the exams used for glaucoma diagnosis and follow-up, get useful information on how to best perform in such exams and how frequent they should be repeated. An animated Doc is helping visitors browse the website.

There are also some considerations about glaucoma and driving, how to treat it during pregnancy, and if glaucoma patients can undergo refractive surgery. Finally, some advice on how to live with this disease and how relatives can help the glaucoma patient.

We encourage you to inform your network of this wonderful new resource and welcome any feedback you may have via

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