Submit a video

Have your surgical video featured on the various WGA communication channels and provide your fellow clinicians practical tips and tricks, surgical pearls and essential clinical concepts.

Guidelines for submission

  1. Send your video to the WGA Executive Office via the submission form below.
  2. The theme of the video must be related to glaucoma surgery directly or indirectly.
  3. The video will be peer-reviewed on:
    • Scientific content
    • Applicability/educational value
    • Clarity
    • Cinematic/technical excellence
    • Format and rules compliance: e.g. financial interest disclosure
    • Other criteria as deemed appropriate by the peer reviewers
  4. Within 4 weeks of submission, you will be informed of the decision to accept or reject the video.
  5. If the video is accepted, you will be contacted via email for inclusion in upcoming WGA communications.

Checklist for submission

  1. Length: The video must not exceed 5 minutes including opening, introduction and closing acknowledgments.
  2. Title: The title should describe the material appropriately.
  3. Description: Explain in max 80 words what viewers can expect from the video.
  4. Videos may be formatted in MPEG, AVI, WMV, or QuickTime (MOV) with a maximum resolution of 1280×720. Do not use DivX compression.
  5. We prefer widescreen (16:9) and higher definition files, in MPEG-4 format.
  6. Videos must be in the final, edited version with sound in English.
  7. Videos should include an introduction during which all contributors are credited and any and all financial interest is acknowledged. Financial disclosure is required even if the producer has no financial interest.
  8. Even though disclosure has been made, videos should not promote the use of any commercial product.
  9. Please ensure that you have permission to use any image presented as part of the video. This includes a license for copyrighted material and release forms from any patient(s) recognizable in the video.
  10. Use of copyrighted music or materials is forbidden without written authorization. By submitting your video under these instructions, you represent that you have or do not need such authorization and you agree to indemnify and defend the World Glaucoma Association from all claims based on copyright infringement.

Submission form

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WGA Executive Office,


The World Glaucoma Association (WGA) accepts no responsibility for any products, presentations, opinions, statements or positions expressed by persons in the video. The inclusion of material in the communication channels of the WGA does not constitute any endorsement by the WGA. Material includes, but is not limited to, abstracts (PowerPoint/Keynote), presentations, videos, audio files, films and hard copy handouts.