WGC-2015 Video Selections, by Tina Wong

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Tina Wong

1. Finding Solutions to glaucoma in the developing world – overcoming barriers to glaucoma care in the developing world
Ramanjit Sihota

Speaker gave a very detailed overview of the challenges faced in the developing world. Three major areas highlighted that deserve immediate attention were the financial constraints of those most needing treatment, poor awareness and screening of at risk population resulting in individuals seeking help only at advanced stages of their disease, and public health delivery to the more rural areas containing the greatest population at risk of glaucoma. The speaker went on to present her thoughts on how some of the above-mentioned barriers could be overcome. Telemedicine was suggested as a possible tool to help improve on the screening process. In all, a very thought provoking and frank presentation reminding us of the sheer magnitude of the global problem of blindness caused by glaucoma.
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2. Glaucoma Surgery – New Surgical Techniques & Unmet needs
Tarek Shaarawy

Speaker gave a comprehensive overview of the advantages and shortfalls of surgical procedures and surgical implants available. The speaker illustrates this with clear videos and also provides tips and tricks for improving the outcome of the surgery e.g. Tube surgery, and how to minimize post-operative complications. A comprehensive summary of the latest development of glaucoma surgeries for those who want a quick overview.
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3. Advances in Medical treatment of NTG
Makato Aihara 

Speaker described the therapeutic targets that are being focused in the treatment of NTG. Neuroprotection is the key and approach to protecting the optic nerve include limiting the ischaemic effects, reducing axonal damage with modulation of the surrounding microglial activity, increasing the presence of anti-oxidant protective agents. Three candidate therapeutics were described by the speaker which included alpha agonist and calcium channel blockers both to increase blood flow and antioxidants as dietary supplements. The speaker gave a well-rounded overview of the latest research efforts in advancing the treatment options for NTG, and provides a good summary for those who are interested in updating on what’s new in NTG management.
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