Become a WGA Member Society

The World Glaucoma Association (WGA) aspires to grow its global community with health care professionals specialized in glaucoma. We are excited that your society, association, or professional group considers joining the WGA as a Glaucoma Society Member.

Apply for membership

To be eligible for membership of the WGA, organizations must complete the online WGA membership application form and meet the following membership requirements.


  1. Be a not-for-profit society, association, or professional group.
  2. Have a mission statement, with clear goals.
  3. Be composed of glaucoma specialists or be composed of glaucoma societies.
  4. Be the primary or one of the primary glaucoma societies in a specific country/region.
  5. Have regular election of officers.
  6. Hold regular governing board meetings.
  7. Have membership criteria that outline a special interest in glaucoma.
  8. Organize a scientific and/or business meeting at least every 2 years.
  9. Sound financial management.
  10. Support the goals and programs of the WGA.


  1. Provide input into WGA policies, programs, and initiatives.
  2. Name an official representative to be our main point of contact. Preferably an office-bearer of the society like the President. With the change in Executive Committee following elections, the contact person will also change. This change should be informed to the WGA by the Glaucoma Society Member.
  3. Select a representative to participate in the WGA General Assembly every 2 years.
  4. Inform your members of the benefits of the WGA (information provided by the WGA).
  5. Make sure your online Glaucoma Society Member profile and list of members is up to date in WGA#One.