Glaucoma Awareness Slide Deck

We advocate for policy change by telling the stories of persons living with glaucoma.

As the Global Glaucoma Network, the WGA is the prime organization to bring these stories together and help you plan and execute a successful glaucoma awareness campaign in your local community.

This Glaucoma Awareness Slide Deck is designed by the Advocacy Committee together with the Patient Committee for our glaucoma society members to showcase the silent thief of sight and educate policymakers about the critical funding issues glaucoma research faces.

Download the slide deck

Share your advocacy success stories with us!

Have you had great success in convincing your government to make eyesight a policy priority? Or do you have great videos about glaucoma that can help explain this to persons without a medical background? We would love to hear from you! Please reach out to the WGA Executive Office to share or receive more information about this project.

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