World Glaucoma Week

“World Glaucoma Week is a global initiative organized by the World Glaucoma Association. We invite patients, eye care providers, health officials and the public to join forces in organizing awareness activities worldwide.

Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness, and distinct challenges may be present in different regions of the world. Our goal is to alert everyone to have regular eye and optic nerve checks to detect glaucoma as early as possible because there are available treatments for all forms of glaucoma to prevent visual loss.”

World Glaucoma Association


Glaucoma Awareness Slide Deck

Facts about Glaucoma
How Glaucoma may affect your vision?

Get involved

      • Involve your glaucoma patients as you organize a screening event in your local institute/hospital
      • Give a lecture to a patient support group
      • Participate in radio & TV shows to talk about glaucoma and to answer questions
      • Contact newspapers to publish information about glaucoma
      • Run a social media campaign

More details about World Glaucoma Week and many examples of glaucoma awareness activities around the world are to be found on the WGW website.

Visit the World Glaucoma Week website