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WGA Goals

  • Goal 1 – Education The WGA will be an important source of education for ophthalmologists and other healthcare providers related to glaucoma.
  • Goal 2 – WGC The WGC will be the best glaucoma meeting in the world.
  • Goal 3 – Public Awareness and Recognition of Glaucoma Public awareness and recognition of glaucoma will increase.
  • Goal 4 – Impact in Developing Countries The resources of the global glaucoma community – including individuals, member societies, industry, governments, NGOs and patients – will be integrated and leveraged to enhance glaucoma care, particularly in developing countries.
  • Goal 5 – Technology The WGA will use information/communication technologies as a key tool in achieving its goals.
  • Goal 6 – Organization The WGA will be financially sound and organized to lead the glaucoma community.

WGA Purpose & Values

Core Purpose

To eliminate glaucoma-related disability worldwide.

Core Values

The leadership and member societies of WGA are committed to acting consistently with the following values:
  • Responsibility (Accountability) – to each other, to member societies, to the larger global glaucoma community, to the patient and to the public.
  • Consensus – open communication, inclusion of diverse viewpoints, and the aspiration to achieve practical consensus before acting.
  • Collegiality and Mutual Respect.
  • Best Care and Service – advancing the best care available to glaucoma patients worldwide.

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