Wall of Fame

At every World Glaucoma Congress, we recognize and honor those who have significantly contributed to the success and positive development of the World Glaucoma Association, as well as the recipients of the ICO-World Glaucoma Association Three Month Fellowship Award.

A WGA Award recipient has been nominated by the WGA Executive Committee and presented for support to the WGA Board of Governors.

WGA Award recipients 2023

Laureate Award

The World Glaucoma Association Laureate Award is the highest honor that the Association can bestow. A WGA Laureate has an immense, unique and rare impact on our field through selfless leadership, scientific contribution, education and mentorship and advancement of the WGA goals.
Robert N. Weinreb
(United States)

Founders Award

The World Glaucoma Association Founders Award is for an individual with a dedication to advancing the goals of the WGA, whose efforts have contributed significantly to our mission.
Ningli Wang

Special Recoginition Award

The World Glaucoma Association Special Recognition Award is for an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to the WGA organization over a span of several years.
Tanuj Dada

WGA Award recipients 2021

  • Laureate Award – George Spaeth (United States)
  • Founders Award – Robert Ritch (United States)
  • Founders Award – Tim Aung (Singapore)
  • Special Recognition Award – Clement Tham (Hong Kong)
  • Special Recognition Award – Kazuhisa Sugiyama (Japan)
  • Fellowship Award – Yaseen Siddig Ahmed (Sudan)
  • Fellowship Award – Nnubia Chinasa Anderline (Nigeria)
  • Fellowship Award – Kintoki Makela GuyGuy (Congo)
  • Fellowship Award – Aisha sheriff Kalambe (Nigeria)
  • Fellowship Award – Evélia Marole (Mozambique)
  • Fellowship Award – Meriem Seraj Nurrey (Ethiopia)
  • Fellowship Award – Rebecah Nandasaba (Kenya)
  • Fellowship Award – Ony Randrianjafisamindrakotroka (Madagascar)
  • Fellowship Award – Diane Sonassa (Guinea)
  • Fellowship Award – Arokoyo Oladele Vincent (Nigeria)

WGA Award recipients 2019

  • Founders Award – Robert Fechtner (United States)
  • Special Recognition Award – David Friedman (United States)
  • Special Recognition Award – Peng Khaw (United Kingdom)
  • Special Recognition Award – Olusola Olawoye (Nigeria)
  • Special Recognition Award – Ki Ho Park (South Korea)
  • Special Recognition Award – Norbert Pfeiffer (Germany)
  • Special Recognition Award – Tarek Shaarawy (Switzerland)
  • Fellowship Award – Bigirimana Deus (Burundi)
  • Fellowship Award – Mohamed Elamin Abdelmoneim Elamin Mohamed (Sudan)
  • Fellowship Award – Jagun Omodele Oluwayemisi (Nigeria)
  • Fellowship Award – Lemlem Tamrat (Ethiopia)
  • Fellowship Award – Faith Vata Masila (Kenya)

WGA Award recipients 2017

  • Laureate Award – Roger Alan Hitchings (United Kingdom)
  • Founders Award – Jeffrey M. Liebmann (United States)
  • Special Recognition Award – Subhabrata Chakrabarti (India)
  • Special Recognition Award – Jonathan G. Crowston (Australia)
  • Special Recognition Award – Chandra Sekhar Garudadri (India)
  • Fellowship Award – Farouk Garba (Nigeria)
  • Fellowship Award – Philip Phatudi (South Africa)
  • Fellowship Award – Martin Tchouyo (Cameroon)

WGA Award recipients 2015

  • Founders Award – Franz Grehn (Germany)
  • Special Recognition Award – Simon Bakker (the Netherlands)
  • Special Recognition Award – Dennis Lam (Hong Kong)
  • Special Recognition Award – George Lambrou (Greece)
  • Special Recognition Award – Carlo Traverso (Italy)

WGA Award recipients 2013

  • Founders Award – Makoto Araie (Japan)
  • Founders Award – Kuldev Singh (United States)
  • Special Recognition Award – Jian Ge (China)
  • Special Recognition Award – Daniel E. Grigera (Argentina)
  • Special Recognition Award – Robert Ritch (United States)
  • Special Recognition Award – Mariska van der Veen (the Netherlands)

WGA Award recipients 2011

  • Founders Award – Ivan Goldberg (Australia)
  • Founders Award – Remo Susanna (Brazil)

WGA Award recipients 2009

  • Founders Award – Erik Greve (the Netherlands)
  • Founders Award – Roger Alan Hitchings (United Kingdom)
  • Founders Award – Robert N. Weinreb (United States)