Fundamental Questions in Glaucoma

The ‘Fundamental Questions in Glaucoma’ video series is here! Powered by WGA’s Education Committee and featuring easy-to-digest video content, this brand new series of lectures is great for everyone who wants to learn more about glaucoma in minutes.

About the Fundamental Questions in Glaucoma lectures

The Fundamental Questions in Glaucoma is a series of Audio-Visual Modules initiated by the Education Committee of the World Glaucoma Association. These include video-assisted skill transfer on basic techniques of glaucoma lasers and surgery for trainee ophthalmologists, as well as frequently asked questions regarding the diagnosis and management of glaucoma patients.

Expect answers to questions such as:

  • What is the best way to examine the optic nerve for early detection of glaucoma?
  • What visual field testing strategy should I use?
  • How is Suturolysis best performed?
  • How do I perform a selective laser trabeculoplasty for Primary Open Angle Glaucoma?

and much more!

What makes this series of lectures different than others?
Materials submitted by speakers were reviewed by both of the editorial leads, Drs. Tanuj Dada and Pradeep Ramulu, and at least 2 Education Committee members. Thus, these lectures, unlike others have undergone a formal peer review for content completeness and accuracy.

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Editorial Team

Editorial Leads
Tanuj Dada (IN), Pradeep Ramulu (US)

Editorial Team
Deus Bigirimana (AU), Eytan Blumenthal (IL), Maria Carrasco (AR), Irene Copati (AR), Gustavo De Moraes (US), Ronnie George (IN), Carolina Gracitelli (BR), Marcelo Hatanaka (BR), Parul Ichhpujani (IN), Ingrida Januleviciene (LT), Christopher Leung (HK), Monisha Nongpiur (SG), Olusola Olawoye (NG), Zeynep Ozturker (TR), Rajul Parikh (IN), Harsha Rao (IN), Lisandro Sakata (BR), Chelvin Sng (SG), Min Hee Suh (KR), Xinghuai Sun (CN)