Education Committee Highlights WGC-2021 | part 4.2

WGA Associate Advisory Board (AAB) Session

Applications of AI in Angle Closure Disease
In his talk on the applications of AI in angle closure disease, Dr. Benjamin Xu showed that deep learning algorithms on both ASOCT and gonio-photography images could detect gonioscopic angle closure with high accuracy, thereby providing an automated alternative to gonioscopy for the detection of angle closure.

Subconjunctival Outflow MIGS
In the first part of her talk, Dr. Chelvin Sng provided several surgical pearls on the XEN implant. She then summarized the findings from different studies on the outcomes and efficacy of the XEN implant in various glaucoma subtypes. In the second part she talked about the performance and efficacy of the PRESERFLO Microshunt.

Pediatric Glaucoma Care in Sub-Sahara Africa
Dr. Nkechinyere Judith Uche spoke about the burden of disease of pediatric glaucoma, management options and surgical outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa. She also talked about the challenges of pediatric glaucoma care in region, and the future efforts that are needed to mitigate the huge disease burden.

Vision-Related Quality of Life in Glaucoma
Dr. Alberto Diniz-Filho discussed about the importance of the assessment of vision-related quality of life in glaucoma. He showed that faster rates of functional and structural progression, and the location of functional damage were associated with worse QoL measures.

Dr Diniz-Filho also described the use of performance-based measures to better assess vision related QoL outcomes.

Should we stratify glaucoma medication to each patient?
Dr. Miriam Kolko discussed about the need to stratify glaucoma treatment to the individual patient, and to consider a holistic approach encompassing risk profiling, patient factors, medication factors, and other disease risk factors in order to achieve better treatment efficacy.

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