IGR Online

The uniqueness of IGR is its attempted completeness, its classification, and the Editor’s
Selection. It is the only journal that presents a three-monthly critical review of selected
glaucoma literature. IGR is distributed free of charge to all members of affiliated
Glaucoma Societies four times a year.

IGR provides:

  • Classified (over 120 headings) abstracts of papers on glaucoma (approximately 1,200 abstracts per year)
  • Editors selection: critical review of the most interesting 10% of papers on glaucoma by experts in the field
  • Announcements and reports by Glaucoma Societies throughout the world
  • Special comments by experts
  • Reproductions of exciting full papers, meeting reports, interviews, opinions, hypotheses, reviews and more.

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IGR Online – www.e-igr.com

IGR Online has the most complete collection of abstracts on glaucoma literature which are otherwise not available, certainly not within the same time span. This searchable database provides all available glaucoma abstracts since 1999, comments and references. Access to IGR Online is complimentary for all members of glaucoma societies associated to WGA.

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