Global Webinars

The WGA Global Webinar series returns on Saturday, October 9. Mark your calendar as we dive into the best of trailblazing glaucoma research.

WGC-2021: Going Deeper

The 6th webinar will feature the very best of WGC-2021, with new discussions going deeper into these topics:

  • Is Normal Tension Glaucoma a separate entity from Primary Open Angle Glaucoma?
  • NTG: blame it on your parents (and their genes)
  • Myopic optic neuropathy or GON?
  • Clinical relevance of 24 hs IOP monitoring
  • How glaucoma affects patients
  • Early lens extraction in PAC/PACG after/without LPI

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The free webinar will be broadcasted 4 times on Saturday, October 9, 2021:

About the Global Webinars

The World Glaucoma Association launched the Global Webinar series in 2020, offering free high-quality education to the entire glaucoma community. The purpose of this initiative is to bring the entire glaucoma network together, facilitating the exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise.

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