WGC-2015 Hong Kong

The 6th World Glaucoma Congress was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 6-9, 2015.
The 6th World Glaucoma Congress was the largest glaucoma meeting held anywhere in the world to date. Following the successful Congresses in Vienna, Singapore, Boston, Paris and Vancouver, WGC–2015 was open to all glaucoma care providers including glaucoma specialists, visual scientists, clinicians, other ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses, technicians, and others with an interest in glaucoma. A technical exhibit area was available to learn about the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and possibilities.

Thank you for attending, see you at the next World Glaucoma Congress!

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President’s Symposium

President’s Symposium at the 6th World Glaucoma Congress 2015 in Hong Kong.

WGC 2015 Hong Kong