Online course: Gonioscopy


Course Overview

Module 1: Basics of gonioscopy

Gonioscopy is an important diagnostic examination in ophthalmology.

Here, you will learn about the Principles of Gonioscopy. First, you’ll find a brief description about the importance of Gonioscopy. Then, you’ll find a description of different types of lenses and how to perform Gonioscopy. Finally, you’ll learn about the different grading systems and how to describe the findings.

Module 2: Evaluation of anterior chamber angle abnormalities in glaucoma

Here, you will find how to evaluate anterior chamber angle abnormalities in glaucoma in a gonioscopy.

First, there is a brief description of what a gonioscopy is and what to look for. Then, you will find a description of what to see in a normal open angle, and finally, what to see in different goniopathologies.

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