Basic Course in Glaucoma

Basic Course

This course consists of 4 modules that address basic aspects of glaucoma diagnosis:

  1. Intraocular Pressure
    Emily P. Jones, Robert Kinast, David Simons, Steven L. Mansberger
  2. Gonioscopy
    Anton Hommer, Tanuj Dada, Pooja Shah, Talvir Sidhu
  3. Standard Automated Perimetry
    Anders Heijl, Balwantray Chauhan
  4. Clinical Examination of the Optic Nerve
    Michael Coote, Jonathan Crowston

All modules were written by world-renowned experts in the field, and reviewed by members of the WGA Education Committee. They are intended for ophthalmologists and other eye-care providers.

All texts, pictures, and videos were adapted to an online platform by a team of e-learning experts. This will allow you to have a pleasant learning experience. At the end of each module, there is a multiple-choice test that will auto-correct once the exam is completed. You will also be able to download a Certificate of Completion.