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The World Glaucoma Association values the long-term relationships with its Glaucoma Industry Members. The Association is active in strengthening the beneficial connections within its Network, especially between the Health Care Professionals and the Ophthalmology Industry focused on Glaucoma.
Main benefits of supporting the WGA:

  • Acknowledgement in WGA promotional material
  • Reduced advertisement rates in the journal ‘International Glaucoma Review’
  • Invitations to WGA Board Meetings and Industry Meetings
  • Information about and involvement in new WGA projects
  • Access to WGA Educational Portal and cooperation for publication of content
  • Complimentary registrations for events such as the WGA Consensus Meeting


Industry can also choose how it wishes to enter the Glaucoma Network of the WGA by choosing the level of support.
The World Glaucoma Association currently offers three possible membership levels each with their own set of benefits and conditions.

  • Glaucoma Industry Member
  • Associate Glaucoma Industry Member
  • Supporting Glaucoma Industry Member

Should you be interested in becoming a Glaucoma Industry Member, for more information please contact the WGA Executive Office at


WGA Executive Office
Schipluidenlaan 4
1062 HE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 570 96 00

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