ISOPT Clinical

The International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
It gives us a great pleasure to announce the 15th ISOPT Clinical – The International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, The Retina Chapter to take place November 7-9, 2019 in Valencia, Spain. The meeting will be for those who: are interested in clinical research, wonder how drugs are developed, appreciate the opportunities and limitations of new technologies and are industry representatives and collaborators. A team of clinical investigators, clinicians, academy-based researchers, the industry and regulatory bodies will lead the presentations and discussions highlighting:
• Drugs and technologies that we own now and their best use in specific clinical situations
• Drugs and technologies that are in late phase development and their expected impact
• Defining and addressing the unmet medical needs that are still evident

November 7, 2019 - November 9, 2019
Science Museum Príncipe Felipe
Av Profesor López Piñero, 7
Valencia, Spain
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+972 3 5175150


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