What can WGA do for you?

Membership of the World Glaucoma Association is FREE if you’re a member of one of our affiliated glaucoma societies!

  1. Belong to a global community: connect with other health care professionals specialized in glaucoma.
  2. Access top-notch resources: receive free online access to our publications: the International Glaucoma Review (IGR) and the Journal of Glaucoma (JOG) and read the latest news of the WGA in our monthly newsletter.
  3. Help drive glaucoma awareness: have a voice to advocate for glaucoma and participate in World Glaucoma Week, planned annually in March.
  4. Experience significant savings: take advantage of a discount on the registration fee for our biennial World Glaucoma Congress (WGC).
  5. Boost your knowledge on glaucoma: develop your professional standing and that of your institution by using our educational portal, online courses and webinars.
  6. Experience strength in numbers: gain valuable insights with the Glaucoma Consensus Initiative, based on the idea that the collective wisdom of a group is better than the opinion of a single expert.
  7. Support your patients: relay unbiased information about glaucoma, using accessible language in a user-friendly platform.

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